Breath Of A Salesman

It is often said, it is better to give than to receive.  In no circumstance is that truer, in no action do I feel a greater sense of the living joy and accomplishment of this than in the feeding of biscuits and tea to lighting reps.  They lug samples up the three flights to our office on a regular basis, answer our pertinent questions, take our criticism of their fittings with lips politely buttoned.  Pushing a cheap chocolate digestive or three into them and watching the transfats slip down is as restful as seeing the penguins at London Zoo being fed their full, fishy treats.

In all honesty, they are invaluable support to our work.

Burger bars have images of their Employee of the Month, laminated against the grease and stuck on the wall; we take photos of our best reps too that we can treasure  forever.  We thought we might share some images of a couple of the lighting industry’s finest with you.

Paul Fry

Our man at iGuzzini.  Alexis informs me is a Leeds fan which is apparently a dirty thing. We like Paul.

Jeremy Fielding

Kingpin at Atrium Lighting, looking after Flos and Modular.  I don’t know if he supports a football team but he has a moped.  I have not yet asked him if he has been down to Brighton and back on it.

Florian Schaubach

Formerly of the Parish of XAL, Florian is a True Tyroler and always nattily turned out.  He bears the Fez like a catwalk model.  Three buttons on the cuff is of course a must.


Surfs Up, Energy Cost Is Down, Dude

Alexis has been slipping down to Cornwall this year, putting the finishing touches to a private house on the coast.  The scheme uses the latest LED downlight technology and requires a pitifully small amount of power, even when fired up to full, Grace Darling lighthouse ferocity.

None of you lighting amateur-johhnies would even know it was LED – the light quality is fantastic; it looks and control just like tungsten.

Alexis has been fussing over control system levels and checking the install.

He has hardly had a moment to get into his wetsuit and down to the beach which is probably just as well as his surfing experience has rarely taken him further out from shore than Hampstead Ponds.